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Feedback Forms-HPCS2017

The 2017 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation
(HPCS 2017)

The 15th Annual Meeting

July 17 – 21, 2017
Genoa, Italy

Technically Sponsored by IEEE

HPCS 2017 Feedback Forms 

Overall Conference Evaluation

Conference TUTORIALS Feedback Forms

 Tutorial 1
Power Aware High Performance Computing:  Challenges and Opportunities for Application and System Developers
Dieter Kranzlmüller, Matthias Maiterth, Torsten Wilde

 Tutorial 2
FLAME GPU: Complex Systems Simulation using GPUs
Paul Richmond, Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh

 Tutorial 3
Cache-aware Roofline Model: Performance, Power and Energy-Efficiency Modeling of Parallel Processors
Aleksandar Ilic, Leonel Sousa

 Tutorial 4
Modeling the Internet of Things: A Simulation Perspective 
Gabriele D'Angelo, Stefano Ferretti

 Tutorial 5
Intel and Machine Learning - An Open Source Endeavour!  
Hans Pabst

 Tutorial 6
Parametric Statistics for Program Performance Analysis, Comparison and Evaluation
Sid Touati

 Tutorial 7

Systematic Development of Programs for Scalable Computing Using COQ
Frédéric Loulergue