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Industry Partners - HPCS2017

The International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation 
(HPCS 2017)

July 17 – 21, 2017
Genoa, Italy

Technically Sponsored by IEEE

HPCS 2017 Industry Partners, Participants 
and Liaisons

The HPCS 2017 Conference is looking for interested Industry Partners and organizations that would like to have an exhibit, participate in HPCS 2017 activity (tutorials, demos, panels, posters, paper presentation, speaker sponsorships, etc.), and/or be interested to sponsor Conference amenities or social activities (e.g., awards, evening exhibit reception, banquet sponsorship, special break snacks, registration handout packets, etc.). Interested parties can also work out a customized package with the conference organizers. 

If an industry representative or an organization is interested in becoming an HPCS 2017 Industry Partner, please contact the Industry Liaisons & Sponsorships Co-Chairs:  

  • Yannick Legré, Director of EGI.eu
   European Grid Infrastructure (EGI.eu)
   Amsterdam, The Netherlands
   Phone: +31 (0)20 89 32 007
   Fax:     +31
   Email:  Yannick.Legre@egi.eu

  • Shuo Li
   INTEL Corporation, Oregon, USA
   Phone: + 1 (503) 696-8943
   Fax:     + 1 (503)
   Email:  shuoli@hotmail.com

  • Luca Verderame
   Talos Security s.r.l.s., Italy
   Phone: +39 393 818 0505
   Fax:     +39

  • TBA